Flowerpot Pendant Light is designed by the famous designer Verner Panton, this light interprets the concept of the beauty of flower power and harmony and inclusiveness, which can make a big difference in the space. Flowerpot Pendant Light Replica is the most cost-effective pendant lamp, our materials are strictly controlled, we have price and quality advantages compared to the expensive original, and we provide a richer choice of finishes - white, matt light gray, Available in matt black, yellow, pink, dark red, dark green and other finishes, and in two sizes, 23cm and 40cm in diameter. The shape of the flowerpot Pendant Light Replica breaks the traditional concept of chandeliers, making our bedrooms, living rooms, restaurants, hotels and other spaces lively and interesting, and enhances your space. Flowerpot Pendant Light Replica's light is soft and comfortable, we aim to provide users with the best lighting products, so that they can feel the beauty of life brought by lighting.