Prachtige keramische hanglamp

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Prachtige keramische hanglamp is een geweldig kunstwerk van keramiek. Het verfijnde patroon op de puur witte lampenkap geeft deze lamp elegantie en ingehouden luxe. Verkrijgbaar in drie dimensies en witte afwerking.

  • b 7 5cm xh 22cm
  • b 14cm xh 12cm
  • b 13cm xh 14 5cm
  • Wit

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Exquisite Ceramic Pendant Lamp

Exquisite ceramic pendant lamp is a wonderful and exquisite design.With the ceramic lampshade,the lamps is like a jar,a ball and an eggplant according to its shape.It is made of high-quality ceramics and copper materials,and the finish of it is white.Designer creates it sincerely by using the high-ranking materials and the simple elements.With the different shapes of lampshade which is almost in ceramics,the light is so soft for people to do their things instead of dazzling feeling.And the light is inside the sealed lampshade,thus it will give the people a comfortable atmosphere and increase the modernization of the house. Exquisite ceramic pendant lamp ,which can be hanged individually or combined.It is an ideal choice for office,corner reading nook and dining areas or bedroom. When Exquisite ceramic pendant lamp is hung above the ceiling, it emits a warm and comfortable light, which is another unique sight. As a functional lamp, it will add luster to your areas and will definitely leave a deep impression on your guests and make the comfortable atmosphere for you.

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Exquisite Ceramic Pendant Lamp Size

  • Size A: W 13cm x H 14.5cm/∅ 5.12″ x H 5.71″
  • Size B: W 7.5cm x H 22cm/∅ 2.95″ x H 8.66″
  • Size C: W 14cm x H 12cm/∅ 5.51″ x H 4.72″

Exquisite Ceramic Pendant Lamp Details

  • Material: Ceramics,Copper
  • Light source: LED
  • Power: Max 10W (Single lamp)
  • Finishes:  White
  • We provide 150 cm / 59” wires . Can be extended upon request
  • Single-head ceramic pendant   Single-head ceramic pendant


sizeW 7 5cm x H 22cm
W 13cm x H 14 5cm
W 14cm x H 12cm
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