Molecular Light

Molecular Light has many original products, this series is characterized by the beauty between the partial bulb and the overall lamp body. Molecular Light uses a wide range of glass/cutting processes to make the product delicate and delicate. The light it emits is even and soft, which is suitable for creating a peaceful and elegant space atmosphere and adding timeless charm to modern life.

SKU: HL-226131652-2

Simple design never time. ORB HANGING LAMP design uses sphere as a lamp cover, which uses asymmetrical arrangement. The combination of iron and glasses adds industrial atmospheres in your room, suitable for living room, restaurant, bedroom, etc. to create a comfortable atmosphere.

SKU: ML-041-1

As a classic molecular light, Branching bubble chandelier features gorgeous glass lampshades and rotatable rods which allow various look. It will definitely shine your living and dining room.

SKU: PL202205131627

The Nordic 3-Heads Minimal Pendant Lamp is a well-designed combination of classical and minimalist, featuring two lines shinning each other with opal balls attached on it.

SKU: 3heads: Dia 50cm x H 60cm

The post-modern SUM Molecular Light is sure to fill your home with art, which is a work of art that will never be out-dated. The glass ball chandelier, with the golden body, brings a sense of luxury. Available in two forms.

SKU: PL202205131737-2

The Nordic Branch Chandelier is a artistic molecular chandelier which comes with curved linear body and spherical lampshades. The design of layers makes this chandelier extraordinarily stunning. Available in two finishes.

SKU: PL-226161429-1

The exterior of the Air 73 Pendant is inspired by geometric lines and hangs indoors for an elegant ambience. This is the designer's bold innovation in a modern Scandinavian aesthetic, and it hangs in multiple combinations, giving off a luxurious and sophisticated lighting overall that impressively illuminates your space. 

SKU: 3heads: Dia 45cm x H 21cm

With a royal style, BEAN Molecular Light has a beautiful pattern on its lamp arm, revealing a fashion sense of mild luxury. It will diffuse a wisp of warm light, which can blend into any space and create a warm and pleasant environment.

SKU: PL202205131609-2

Elegant and graceful Opal Glass ball chandelier is is like the scene of hanging several glowing pearls, making the whole space serene and beautiful. Available in three different sizes.

SKU: PL202205131620-1

As a classic molecular light, LUXUS Contemporary Chandelier features gorgeous glass lampshades and rotatable rods which allow various look. It will definitely shine your living and dinning room. Made of metal and glass. Available in five sizes and various finishes.

SKU: PL202205131747-1

Dot Line Pendant Lamp features a wooden body attached by five spiral glass balls, which is a concise chandelier with the natural sense. It will make you feel comfortable and love it. Suitable for collocating with other wooden furniture.

SKU: 6heads: Dia 80cm x H 75cm-wood

Minimalist Line Ball Chandelier reveals the charm of minimalist design and geometry, which is a simple combination of lines and balls. With a woody-printed processing, it is warm and natural, making it suitable for residential areas.

SKU: 6heads: Dia 75cm x H 54.5cm

Japanese ZEN Ball Chandelier uses watermark to give the molecular light a new style and luster. With a three-dimensional sense, it allows you not to consider the size of space. The woody textures make it well integrated into any interiors.

SKU: 7heads: L 72cm x H 55cm-gold

STRIP Ball Chandelier brings elegancy to your dining area. The collision of angular body and round balls produces a unique visual effect. Full of layered sense, this elegant chandelier is ideal for hanging over the dining table.

SKU: PL-225241527-2

The Glass ball chandelier is a light fixture that embodies the beauty of simplicity and illuminates your space with this mid-century modern style. This fixture is made of metal, lacquered and plated with a clear glass chandelier.

SKU: PL-225241501-1

The retro and elegant Modo Chandelier – 5 Globes reveals the beauty of a circle. The symmetrical structure looks neatly like buds on a branch. The most perfect interior effect is matched by the rich combination of sizes.

SKU: PL202205131703-5

Glass Ball Molecular Pendant Lamp is a combination of lines and balls. It has a slender body to create sufficient light and spherical lampshades to create a sense of layer vertically, making it more three-dimensional.

SKU: PL202205131644-1

The trendy Parc Pendant Lamp has a classic design, which is composed by a circle attached by balls. Different sizes allow it to create a unique chandelier with several pieces, which can brighten up any space. Available in two sizes and two finishes.

SKU: PL202205131632-3

The Nordic Sunlight Pendant Lamp is a minimal Nordic light fixture, which has a simple form of glass balls but a dramatic effect. Available in two sizes and two finishes.

SKU: PL202205131431-1

The splendid LUXURY Glass Ball Chandelier is like red wine, giving off a noble and elegant scent in your home. The golden body, the most elegant color, with opal glass ball, contains a sense of fashion. It can create a romantic environment.

SKU: PL202205131424-8

Beautiful and generous LIGN Wooden Molecular Light can create a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. With warm light, it will make people joyful. Collocating with other wooden furniture, it complements each other to create an exotic feel.

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