The Table Lamp in the store has rich styles and styles. A good table lamp can bring happiness to our daily life and enhance the grade and atmosphere of the overall space. Our Table lamp has good quality and artistic appearance, not only can provide plenty of light, but also can decorate the room, even if the light source is not turned on, its full design shape is a rare work of art, it is a perfect one with your house, Show off the master's artistic taste!

SKU: TL202205121151-1

The Marquis Table Lamp with its delicate patterns, will vividly bloom a rose for your eye to see, which will render a romantic atmosphere.

SKU: TL-2205131027-1
€63.90 €80.00

Sunset Table Lamp is beautiful and brings brilliant visual effects through the application of light and shadow, it is made of metal and crystal, it is light in weight, small in size and has two color schemes to bring colorful rainbow or blooming sunset views, creating romance Pleasant atmosphere.

SKU: TL-22012102

The charming Battery LED Table Lamp, a portable table light, creates a beautiful shadow, making people intoxicated and showing the art of the whisky glass. It is innovative and chic.


This product is made of high-quality metal materials, with exquisite workmanship, guaranteed quality, and a battery life of up to several hours. The following video pictures were taken by us.

SKU: TL20220517940-2

LED Sunset Light brings a romantic and gorgeours visual feast, which can make you enjoy the sunglow at home. It is useful for creating a particular atmosphere and tone. Available in five dimensions and two light colors.

SKU: TL202205171026-1

EQUATORE TABLE LAMP uses a retro industrial style design. It is available to the exquisite gold and golden glass decorations. It forms exquisite light and shadow under light scattering. It is a perfect table lamp in modern home.

SKU: TL-22525933-1

Featuring the shape of bird, the interesting Perch Light Table lamp vivids and brings life to your home. The white bird stands on the golden branches, which is elegant and noble.

SKU: TL2021122303-2

The Jube table lamp is designed by Favaretto & Partners, and the beautiful glass shade is available in three finishes, which can easily enhance the decoration of the space and create a high-end atmosphere.

SKU: TL-225251607-10
€126.00 €200.00

Atollo Table Lamp has a cute shape of mushroom which is composed by cylinder, cone and hemisphere, expressing eternal beauty of geometry. Available in two sizes and four finishes. 

SKU: TL-227151723-6
€81.15 €108.20

POLDINA PRO table lamp by designer Federico de Majo is a simple and elegant product available in matt black and matt white. The POLDINA PRO table lamp supports dimming and warm light, and can be used for 8 hours at maximum brightness when fully charged.


Made of high-quality metal materials, this product is durable and beautiful, with a battery life of several hours. The following video pictures are all taken by us.

SKU: TL-22691443-3
€121.21 €142.60

Bourgie Table Lamp is a classic table lamp with a modernist design style. It is the embodiment of the combination of Baroque style and Italian style. It is a harmonious collision of traditional classics and modern innovation.

  • EU Warehouse has no tariffs.
  • Shipping time: 2-4 Days.
SKU: TL-227211126-1

Miss K Table Light by Philippe Starck, it looks beautiful and charming, like a noble woman, when the light is turned on, you will be immersed in the soft light of Miss K Table Light.

SKU: TL-22613941-1

The design principle of PH Table Lamp is a reflective multi-shade system that creates harmonious and glare-free lighting. The design of the lamp shade is based on a logarithmic spiral, with the center of the light source placed at the focal point of the spiral. With two finishes, black chrome or high gloss chrome, it is suitable for use in bedrooms, living rooms and other spaces.

EU Warehouse in Germany

  • EU Warehouse has no tariffs.
  • Shipping time: To Germany only 1 day! To other EU countries 3-5 days!

EU Warehouse is only used for:

  • Dia 29 cm x H 46 cm:Stainless Steel,Black,Green.
  • Dia 45 cm x H 65 cm:Black.
SKU: TL-22825955-1
€112.00 €135.00

The classic Nordic AJ Table Lamp is very functional, with smart design that allows the lampshade to freely adjust the light source. The unique shape emphasizes the beauty of the streamlines. 

SKU: TL-22981716-13

Light, compact and above all equipped with a rechargeable battery, the portable VP9 table lamp is the perfect light source for cosy evenings - whether in the living room or on the terrace. Other highlights of the table lamp include its dimming function and the included USB charging cable. Fully charged and at the highest setting, its warm white light can be enjoyed for 10 hours.


This product is made of high-quality metal materials, with exquisite workmanship, guaranteed quality, and a battery life of up to several hours. The following video pictures were taken by us.

SKU: TL-226151526-1

Named for a “little cat,” this Castiglioni brothers creation sits softly on any table, offering a glowing diffused light. The lamp is done in the famous “cocoon” style that the duo was known for: a white powder coats the internal steel structure, which is then sprayed with the soft, webby resin.


SKU: BWTL-20221655-2

Bauhaus Wagenfeld Table Lamp is a table lamp product designed by German industrial designer Wilhelm Wagenfeld. As a classic table lamp, the Wagenfeld lamp can use simple design elements to bring a sense of luxury to the space in a rustic way.

SKU: TL-22691426-1

The Castiglioni brothers often created designs that challenged our perspective, and the Taccia, which gives the illusion of an upside-down hanging lamp, is an inspired example of that.

SKU: TL-221025953-5

The Pine Rechargeable LED Table Lamp is easy to use, with a total charging time of 6 hours and a battery life of up to 13 hours. Brings a warm glow to your space and is also a great choice for outdoor camping!

This product is made of high-quality metal materials, with exquisite workmanship, guaranteed quality, and a battery life of up to several hours. The following video pictures were taken by us.

SKU: GBL-22171550-1
€59.40 €66.00

The avant-garde and distinctive Golden Brothers lamps add a playful and dynamic element to any space. It is a fun ornament available in four poses and two colors.

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