Pendant light can bring enough soft lighting to the interior, like a work of art that blends with your home, restaurant, hotel and other spaces. offers a wide range of Pendant Lights, ranging from stylish modern lighting to classic and elegant retro lighting, simple, modern, retro, and more. We aim to provide you with the best lighting products.

SKU: PL20225201051-2

Featuring variable shapes, the Gubi Multi Lite Pendant Light is one of the most outstanding Danish designs, outlining the beauty of geometric gifures. Made of metal, it has two rotatable opposing shades to create various models. Available in one size and seven finishes.

SKU: PL-225201118-1

The interesting and dazzling Melt pendant light is a good choice for living or dining room and even the public areas, which will bright up the space and interest your guests and customers. Available in four sizes and four finishes.

SKU: GMPL-20143582-3

Glass Melt Pendant Light is by designer Tom Dixon. Fun and dazzling, the Melt Pendant Light is a great choice for a living or dining room, or even a public area.

SKU: PL09854-1

LED Vertigo Nova Pendant Lamp is a charming large chandelier as well as an adornment. Come and be a pioneer in having this latest fashion in your home. Available in three sizes and two colours.

SKU: PL-226141056-2

The PH 3/2 Pendant is one of the timeless Danish design classics since 1920.The PH 3/2 Pendant is a member of the PH 3 lampshade family.The design of the lampshade is based on a logarithmic spiral, with the center of the light source placed at the focal point of the spiral. In this way, you can create a soft, glare-free light that will protect your eyes. 

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  • Color: Stainless Steel, Black.
SKU: PL-22671758-3

Like the other models in IC Light Series, IC Lights pendant light combines designer’s love of industrial simplicity with intricate symbolism. Available in two sizes and three color finishes. 

SKU: PL-225251440-1

Aim Pendant Light features showing long wires with tea-shaped lampshades through fixing nodes on the ceiling to create a personalized artistic painting. It can provide good light and make the space more compact.

SKU: PL-22610952-1

The Aplomb Large Pendant Light hangs defiantly from the ceiling to cast direct lighting onto a surface. This makes it ideal for workstations and areas in the home that may require focused illumination.

SKU: PL202205131019-2

Bolle Pendant Light is an elegant and beautiful decoration. The clear glass balls form a cute shape. With the warm light, it is striking and gives off an alluring charm.

SKU: PL-226141610-5

A good lamp can improve the quality of life. The Mila pendant lamp is simple and beautiful as a whole. It adopts a simple metal design. The designer makes a lamp stand with streamlined lines, and directly mounts the light source on it. The elegant chandelier looks impressive. 

  • EU Warehouse has no tariffs.
  • Shipping time: To Germany only 1 day! To other EU countries 3-5 days!

EU Warehouse is only used for:

  • Black:Dia 20 cm x H 50 cm.
  • Gold :  Dia 20 cm x H 40 cm.
SKU: PL-22691508-1

Regular lines makes Spokes suspension lamp full of design sense. With the shape of cage, it will create a magnificent pattern on the ceilling when it is illuminated.

SKU: PL-225241434-2

Retro Lotus Creative Glass Pendant Lamp combines the elegance of modernism and retro design, taking into account aesthetics and scientific design so that the product itself does not take up too much space, reflecting not only the beauty of the lamp's shape, but also showing the charm of the production process.

SKU: ML-249-2

Lukas Bazle Méduse Light is really worth having at home, as this interesting pendant lamp can be changeable to create various forms. Imitating the design of blinds, Méduse Pendant Light will bing endless fashion into your house.

SKU: ML-257-1

VFull of futuristic sense, VP Globe Glass pendant lamp has five reflectors inside to create light reflection, which is like cosmic rays, bring you into the outer space.

  • EU Warehouse has no tariffs.
  • Shipping time: To Germany only 1 day! To other EU countries 3-5 days!

EU Warehouse is only used for:

  • White,Gold,Chrome
SKU: PL-228311715-1

The classic Biossi series adopts the iconic bowl-shaped glass lampshade design, and the simple and stylish appearance fully meets the space requirements for home and business. Biossi Pendant Light is able to reflect light in glass and metal screens and spread beautiful soft indirect light in its surroundings for your comfort.

SKU: PL-226171405-1

Featuring a lampshade in beehive shape, Chiswick Glass Pendant Lamp is a industrial pendant light which is full of both retro and modern style. Made of glass and metal. Available in 7 dimensions and various finishes.

SKU: PL-22530906-1

Perch Light chandelier which symbolizes life will certainly keep your guests in mind. The birds stand quietly on the branches, as if they were celebrating the joy of Spring. Suitable for living room and dinning areas.

SKU: PL20225231050-1

Crescent Pendant Light looks like a full moon which is split from the middle. With opal acrylic lampshades and the golden cut surface, this modern creative pendant lamp is beautiful. Available in four sizes.

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