Strategies For Selecting Lighting Fixtures Modern By Space

Installing lighting fixtures modern at home can adjust the overall effect of the decoration, so it is very important to choose the right lighting fixtures modern. Judging from the color, shape, material, and size of the lamps, we can know that there are many types of lighting fixtures modern, and different lighting fixtures modern can show different styles. In addition to buying your favorite lighting fixtures modern in the store, you can now buy your favorite lighting fixtures online at a more favorable price. So how to choose lighting fixtures modern. Different spaces should choose different lighting fixtures modern, bedroom, study room, bathroom, living room, kitchen, each space has a different purpose, area, and suitable lighting fixtures modern. let's take a look at it together.

1. Living room

The living room is a common activity space in the home. It is not only a leisure and entertainment space for family members, but also a space for entertaining guests. Therefore, the lighting fixtures modern in the living room must appear formal and bright. The choice is generally a chandelier or a ceiling lamp.

Mahlu Chandelier Skydro Ceiling lamp

If the ceiling of the living room is relatively high, you can choose incandescent chandelier or large round chandelier, which will make the living room look very transparent. If the ceiling in the living room is relatively short, you can use a ceiling lamp with a floor lamp, so that the light source can be visually raised from the bottom to the top. This kind of collocation makes the living room look very generous, lively and fashionable. In addition, the shape and color of the lighting fixtures modern should be coordinated with the furnishings of the living room.

2. Bedroom

The bedroom is a space commonly used by family members, so it is more particular about the choice of lighting fixtures modern. It is usually used with several kinds of lamps, such as ceiling lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps. It is not advisable to install large lighting fixtures modern in the bedroom. A light source that is too bright will stimulate people's nerves and is not conducive to sleep. Wall lamps and floor lamps can be used instead of indoor ceiling lamps.

Metal Sculpted Sconce Arborescence series lamps

In addition, you can also install a wall lamp in the bedroom. Pay attention to cover the wall lamp with a low-brightness diffuser material lampshade, and use soft lighting. Users who like chandeliers or ceiling lamps can also use the main lamp with wall lamps, and then set the lamps to be controlled separately. In this way, the lighting fixtures modern can be adjusted to the most suitable lighting match.

3. Study room

The study room is a space for study and work, so the light source of the lighting fixtures modern should be bright and soft to protect the eyes. Therefore, table lamps with incandescent bulbs are more suitable, and table lamps with reflectors and lower openings should be selected. Several small spotlights can be installed in the bookcase, so that it is convenient to read the title of the book, and the electric light illuminates and dissipates heat, which can keep the books dry.

Aj table lamp black LED Simple Ceiling Light

4. Dining room

The lighting fixtures modern in the dining room is mainly concentrated on the top of the dining table, so generally the lamps that illuminate directly downward are used, and they are hung at a distance of 60 to 70 cm from the dining table during installation. The lampshade of the lighting fixtures modern should be made of easy-to-clean materials, such as glass, plastic and metal. In addition, warm-colored wall lamps can be used on the walls of the dining room to make the restaurant’s atmosphere more cozy.

PH 5 Pendant Fontanelle Wall lamp

5. Kitchen, bathroom, corridor

The kitchens, bathrooms, and corridors are all small in space, so the brightness of the lighting fixtures modern does not need to be too large. Moreover, the water vapor in the kitchen and bathroom space is relatively large, so ceiling lights that are easy to clean are the first choice. The installation position of the lighting fixtures modern in the kitchen should avoid steam and oil fume, and the lighting in the bathroom should be soft and bright, and the material of the lighting fixtures modern should be moisture-proof and not rusty.

You may have a question: Is ceiling light better or pendant light better?

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Pay attention to the following points before buying lighting fixtures modern online

1. When choosing the lighting fixtures modern you like, try to browse more shops and choose websites with good reputation to buy. The purchased website page should be relatively complete, and it seems that the products are rich and diverse.

2. Before deciding to purchase a lighting fixtures modern, browse the product details page to confirm whether the material and size of the lighting fixtures modern are appropriate, and then communicate with the online customer service to understand the delivery cycle and process to see if it will affect your plan.

3. When filling in personal information on the purchase page, make sure that your name and contact information are correct, so as to avoid loss of lighting fixtures modern packages and unnecessary turnover. Also fill in alternate contact information, such as email address and alternate contact number.

4.After receiving the express package of the lighting fixtures modern, first confirm that the lighting fixtures is not damaged. If there is damage or if there is any doubt about the product, you need to contact the online customer service immediately to solve it.

lighting fixtures modern More product purchase suggestions

The above are your suggestions for purchasing lighting fixtures modern. If you have other questions about the product, you can contact us by email. Hope you can buy the lighting fixtures modern you want.

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