How To Choose the Vertigo Pendant light replica?

How to choose the right vertigo pendant lamp replica

The vertigo pendant light replica is a lamp designed by French designer Constance Guisset. VERTIGO is an enveloping lamp that creates a space of intimacy. Being extremely light, this lamp responds to the slightest draught. When lit, it turns softly, projecting a graphic shadow pattern on the surrounding walls. Probably no chandelier is more elegant than it, like the wide-brimmed hat on the head of a French woman. The diameter of this chandelier is not small, and the required floor height cannot be too low.

Vertigo pendant light replica

Material of vertigo pendant light replica

The main frame of the vertigo lamp replica is iron, and then the skeleton is supported by polyester fiber. Finally, glass fiber forms the outermost circle. The manufacturing process of the entire vertigo pendant lamp is complicated and cannot be machined, so each lamp is handmade and to make. As a result, the price of each lamp is very expensive.

why buy vertigo lamp replica

Many people are hesitant to price. At this time, many people may want to buy a vertigo pendant light replica. There are iron replicas on the market, but they are heavier and very different from the original version, just similar in appearance. If you choose a suitable copy of the vertigo pendant lamp. You may find this lamp replica on AliExpress or other websites. The price is about 250 Euros, but the quality of AliExpress products cannot be guaranteed. We have heard many customers complain to us about the vertigo lamp replica purchased on it. Poor quality. You can buy on it, please pay attention to safeguard your rights.

vertigo lamp aliexpress

How to check the quality of vertigo pendant lamp replica

After you receive the vertigo pendant lamp replica, you can first check that it is not damaged from the appearance. The vertigo lamp may not look very good when it is not assembled, but it is indeed very beautiful after assembly.

First:Install the main body of the lamp

Please install the connection kit first. Let the light fully unfold. In this way, you will find that the vertigo lamp looks very similar to the picture.

second: Check vertigo lamp Fiberglass rod

We first check whether the appearance of the fiberglass rod is scratched or damaged. In our experience, the fiberglass rod is the most easily damaged and not easy to find. Many people see that there is no problem with the installation, but ignore the small scratches, which will cause the lamp to be suddenly damaged during the subsequent use.

third: check the polyester fiber band

It is easy to check whether the polyester fiber band is stained or crossed. It just needs to be careful.

vertigo pendant light replica
vertigo pendant lamp

fourth:Check the main frame

Check whether the main frame of the vertigo pendant light replica is tilted. If it is tilted, please contact the merchant. This may have been damaged during transportation. This will cause the vertigo lamp to be not level but tilted after installation, which will affect the lamp.

How to choose the right vertigo pendant light replica

If you want to buy a vertigo pendant lamp replica, the most important thing you should consider is the after-sales service and product quality. Although the prices of many vertigo replicas on AliExpress are very low, the quality is not good, because they are not the manufacturer of this, and the very low price is inevitable. Lead to poor materials.

The best choice to buy vertigo pendant lamp replica

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